A Life Abroad

Hello there! My name is Lexie Leipheimer and I am a student at Texas State University. I come from a military family, so because of that I have lived my entire life overseas. I have lived in five different countries. Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and now here in Texas! I have traveled a lot in my life, so I am excited to share my pictures and experiences with you. I want to share my travel experiences with anyone who might be interested in traveling.

“To travel is to live” -Hans Christian

Brussels, Belgium


I decided to create this blog to share my passion with traveling, and give tips and tricks to fellow travelers. Currently I am living in Texas, while my parents are living in Belgium. I will be heading back to Belgium soon to spend Christmas with my parents, so expect even more travel blogs. I will be heading to Rome, Italy very soon. I want to share old and new travel diaries with all of you.


Overall, this blog is just to share the different wonders that traveling entails. I have developed a deep love for traveling over my life, and I hope this blog inspires the same out of you. I hope that my posts will help you decide which country is right for you. It is never too late to start traveling. Traveling enriches your life, even if it might break your bank account. Try and safe up some money, to get going on your first trip. To learn how to save more money on traveling click here.


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